The ‘Be The Change’ (BTC) is an annual gathering of young changemakers and the global Design for Change community. This global platform acknowledges children not for being the smartest, the fastest or the strongest, but instead, celebrates a new range of superpowers - kindness, empathy, courage, being aware, responsible and bold superheroes of change.

1 Theme

2 Regional BTC Hubs

25+ DFC Participating Countries

50+ Student-Led Solutions for the #SDGs

500+ SuperHeroes and Edu-heroes

1,000+ Attendees

Selected student-led teams from around the world share their stories to inspire each other to believe that they are not helpless, that change is possible and they can drive it. Be The Change 2022 is a celebration led by children, for ALL!

Designing A Happier Future Together

  • Happy People, Happy Planet

    The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the world over the last few years, presenting us with a set of new challenges, on top of those already existing. As with many, the pandemic affected us in one way or the other - whether it was at school, health or your business. 

    This year's theme - "Happy People, Happy Planet: Designing a Happier Future" presents us with a unique opportunity to reassess our priorities, and be part of the change to design a bold and happier future together. Together We Can

Regional Hubs

Be The Change 2022 will be the 1st physical global celebration since the highly successful landmark I CAN Children’s Global Summit in Rome, Italy in 2019. DFC country partners, students, and teachers will be able to meet and engage with their global peers through the regional hub experience.

  • Malaysia

  • Uruguay